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1/22/2019 9:10:02 AM
20 March 2019        27 March 2019
Using our own tabletop oil press and distiller, we will demonstrate how infused oils, essential oils and hydrosols are made. Students will have their own starter jar of an herbal infused oil to take home.

We will talk about the properties of oils, a little herbal chemistry and a lot of artistry. (It may even help you clarify the differences in hemp and CBD products.)

We are offering two Wednesday dates for this class; and each day has noon till 2pm and 6 to 8pm sessions.

Instructor: Laurie Stiers, Certified Clinical Herbalist, MSN Family Practice, BSc Holistic Nutrition
Cost: $20, please register by calling Laurie at 608-780-2255, email lalastiers@gmail.com, or contact the HerbsAllAround Facebook page. Let us know which session you would like to attend. No pre-payment is required.

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