Classes and Events June 2019 Classes..Weed Walks! 6/1/2019 10:03:29 AM  Happy Summer Solstice! To celebrate, we will be having plant identifying/foraging/appreciating classes.

June 20 Thursday: Weed Walks at Myrick Park

Neighbors and clients have been asking for a class about plant identifying, collecting, in-the-field learning, processing and how it all fits together in your kitchen pharmacy and pantry. We will learn some basic botany by looking at different plant structures, and learn a set of easy-to-remember guidelines for identifying plants. We will collect some plants and discuss how this is done responsibly and practically. We will look at photographing and drawing plants as well as using on-line and book resources to identify plants. You will have a starter cardboard/wooden plant press and plant preserving tools to take home. Children are welcome as there can be drawing and coloring involved, and young folks are amazing plant identifiers.

Session 1: noon till 2pm (or later if we are wandering around)
Session 2: 6pm till 8pm (or later if we are wandering around)

Where: Meet in main open room at Myrick Park Center, 789 Myrick Park Drive, La Crosse Wisconsin. In case of rain we will have plants inside Myrick Park Center.

Instructors: Laurie Stiers-Foltz and Raymond Foltz
Cost: $20 grownups, $10 kids under 12
Register for class by calling or emailing Laurie at 608-780-2255,, or by notifying the herbsallaround Facebook page about your interest in attending.

Upcoming Classes 1/22/2019 9:10:02 AM 20 March 2019        27 March 2019
Using our own tabletop oil press and distiller, we will demonstrate how infused oils, essential oils and hydrosols are made. Students will have their own starter jar of an herbal infused oil to take home.

We will talk about the properties of oils, a little herbal chemistry and a lot of artistry. (It may even help you clarify the differences in hemp and CBD products.)

We are offering two Wednesday dates for this class; and each day has noon till 2pm and 6 to 8pm sessions.

Instructor: Laurie Stiers, Certified Clinical Herbalist, MSN Family Practice, BSc Holistic Nutrition
Cost: $20, please register by calling Laurie at 608-780-2255, email, or contact the HerbsAllAround Facebook page. Let us know which session you would like to attend. No pre-payment is required.