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Checking on the garden.
6/1/2019 10:53:00 AM
by Raymond

We are finally getting our feet on the ground at our new location and are planning to do classes. On June 20 we will be leading a Weed Walk. We will meet at Myrick Park center that Thursday at noon and at 6 PM to wander around identifying plants. Please consider coming alongl

Yesterday I went up to the garden to check on our seedlings and found the Star of Bethlehem in full bloom. These are plants I adopted from near the Trempeauleau yard waste area. They stood out in the woods as being of interest to my eye. So we plunked them in the ground near our address sign. These plants are non-native and can be invasive... so be careful and be ready to judiciously weed them to control them. 

We also have Yellow Ladies Slipper blooming in the garden. They are slowing spreading. We are looking forward to getting some more plants The Garden of the Blue Ridge.

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