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Plant "discoveries" by Raymond
by Raymond

Joe-Pye, Eutrochium maculatum,  also commonly known as gravel root. We have had this plant growing in one of our gray water beds for several years. Last year going into late summer and fall it looked like a number of Joe-Pye seedlings were coming up in several locations around the yard. I was not comfortable in my plant identification because the young plants had a different leaf count. So I was eagerly awaiting their return this past Spring and began to despair for that I was not seeing them return. I began to fear the -35 degree nights in February had done them in. Finally the old cluster of stalks started to return and the new plants came up… and up. There were more than we wanted in different areas of the lawn and became a question of where to let them grow. The young plants seem to transplant fairly readily so I will continue to refine where they are allowed to grow. 
I found that making a tea of Joe-Pye leaf or root, golden rod and Canadian Horseweed seemed to be calming for my overactive bladder. More on that and Canadian Horseweed another plant “discovery” for me last year.
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