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Herbs All Around is based on the idea that all around us, we have the materials and knowledge to help eachother be healthy. 

Laurie Stiers Foltz: I am a Family Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Herbalist. My standard medical training and experience includes a wide variety of intensive care units as well as emergency room and home care. My herb trainings: European, American Eclectic, American Indigenous health ways with my first teacher Barb Klokkvold at Sierra School of Herbs and Health. Next I studied Beginning and Intermediate Ayurvedic Herbology with Candis Cantin. These studies totaled about 3 years. In the meanwhile I completed a Bachelor's Degree in Holistic Nutrition with Clayton College. 

I have been developing an independent practice for over 30 years. I help people by providing integrative health assessments, then working with clients to collaborate on a plan of care. If appropriate I make personalized herbal formulae and craft clients' herbal recipes in whatever form works best for their unique health needs.

A lot of what I do is educate and help people sort out the hundreds of materials and options and possibilities they encounter. My goal is to empower clients to form a coherent, integrative personal health plan, choosing the simplest and most effective and cost-conscious combination of materials to assist in achieving their goals.  I help clients to include foods and herbs in their daily and long-term health habits.