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Herbs All Around

We are at 1729 Kane St. La Crosse Wisconsin 54603

We open by appointment only at this time.

Due to the customer concerns about transmitting infections we will arrange safe pick up.

 We have recently had requests from clients for some way to continue to get their herbs while respecting the need for extra physical distancing. Call us with your questions or orders. We package your herbs in "to go" bags or care boxes and you can then pick them up. Payment by phone using credit card,or through Venmo or Paypal is preferred, but you can leave cash or checks in the jar as well. All surfaces are disinfected between client visits during this time. Thank you and if you have any concerns or questions please let us know.

  For more information contact Laurie at 608-780-2255 or email herbsallaround@gmail.com. Herbs All Around is also on Facebook, and we have an Etsy shop, conveniently called Herbs All Around Shop. More soon!